You Know You Should Change – What is Stopping You?

I just got off the air from my live Blog Talk Radio Show Destiny’s Thread.

The topic was Change and the use of Natural Laws of the Universe to assist us through these changes.

What is fascinating to me is the fact that many people (and in my own experience as well), resist change. That statement “resist change” is bizarre in the fact that change keeps occurring and to resist would seem to be futile….the physical manifestation of this resistance of change is pain, both physical and emotional.

The decision to do nothing is ones free will……however the pain/discomfort of the situation is real and is in fact the body’s way of telling you there is something not right.

Oh yes you can take a pill for the pain…there is a pill for everything now….pharmaceutical or natural. The symptoms are gone – but the situation is still present. You know the situation that still needs changing.

I have summed up that it is easier to stay in the familiarity of the pain/discomfort than it is to imagine what the great unknown of change has in store. So that is where you sit. Still in pain…still not doing anything.

Also I believe that the magnitude of the change that one desires to make in its entirety can be far too encompassing emotionally (ex. leaving an abusive relationship to make it on your own when you have not worked out of the house for 10 years)….to even know where to start. The good news is there is always a starting place that will take you step by step through that all encompassing change.

There is a great book called Changing for Good by Dr. Prochaska that can help you find out where it is you are in your phase of change and tools to help you make those changes.

Or you can do what I did, enlist the help and guidance of a coach to help you create a plan of action and be there to support you and keep you accountable.

Either way you must be ready and aware that a change need be made.

Stay abreast of the signs and signals your body gives you……don’t wait until they are so loud that the body becomes weak.
To understand how to and the benefits of change receive your fr*ee report on Mastering Change Now.

Mona McClelland

Personal Empowerment and Health Coaching Specialist

~ Stop resisting abundance ~

Yep,  that is what I said…..stop resisting abundance.

What do I mean by that? It is simple……but it takes some conscious awareness to stop this habit and turn things around.

Habit? Now I am calling it a habit? Yessirree, and a bad one at that.

A good place to start is to identify how a habit is formed. Every day you probably do some of the same things over and over. Like; brush your teeth, have a shower, make coffee, read the paper…….A habit is simply formed by doing a certain activity over and over again. This habit can be beneficial OR it can become detrimental to your life…stopping you from getting exactly that which you want.

Today I am simply going to tell you how to stop resisting attracting abundance into your life by forming a new habit.

First, pick a day, any day that you can focus on your thoughts, words and actions. What you are looking for is a pattern of thought (words or actions) that focus on what you don’t want.

Ex: Perhaps every day you don’t like the sound of your alarm clock and every morning, think or say…”that damn clock is annoying”, then you get up and you find yourself rushing, and again you think ” I hate feeling so rushed, why don’t I give myself more time in the morning”, get stuck in traffic and curse and complain about that. You get the idea. You will soon see what you spend a huge amount of time focusing on and will get a glimpse of why you are getting what you are getting and NOT that which you want.

Here is a great way to stop resisting abundance and start shifting your focus. You will also become very aware of all the abundance currently in your life and possibly quite pleasantly surprised by this as well.

Become Abundance Focused: I have a white board in my house and every time someone gives me something, I get a good deal on something, I am given a compliment, a smile or am shown expressions of love and affection…I write it on my white board. What begins to happen is that you will become very aware of this wonderful plethora of abundance and you will begin to shift your focus to abundance by looking at and writing on this board everyday.

Some months the board is filled quickly and there is barely any room to squeeze on one more thing……on the flip side,  if I do not pay attention to my practice of “abundance focus”, my board for the month, will have big gaping white spaces just waiting to be filled….and the amount of abundance I had been feeling in my life begins to atrophy.

It is really up to you. If you focus on what you don’t want….you will get more of that guaranteed. Start today, add a sprinkle of gratitude for all that there already is in your life and watch those seeds take root. What you will begin to see is a wondrous garden of plenty begin to grow in your life and you will have opened the doors wide to allowing abundance to enter and become a new and fruitful habit born out of simple attention and awareness.

“the easiest thing you will ever have to do is change your thoughts….the hardest thing you will ever have to do is change your thoughts” James Allen

Happy gardening.







Your abundant living guide AKA: The Busy Mom Mentor


Soul mate….How to know if you found him/her?

Most of us have that one person in our lives who, no matter what, manages to push our buttons like no one else can.

I remember as a young girl that I wanted to find my soul mate…. I should have just stood in front of a mirror and took a good long look. That would have saved me a whole ton of time, a couple of divorces….and a lot of money.

I used to think that I needed to find someone just like me….who liked what I liked and really “got” me. First of all…I was NEVER attracted to anyone LIKE me and when I found someone remotely similar to me… I got bored of them fast. I felt like I was hopelessly doomed to be alone and LONELY.

Then finally with maturity and too many years in the school of ‘relationship’ hard knocks….I finally got it. Be with myself…be at peace with myself…find time to fall madly in love with myself and then, being full ( of myself – lol) I would have enough in the tank to have the capacity to accept those in my life as they are, without wishing they were so different or LIKE ME for heaven’s sake.

Being a busy working mom, it is important that you conserve energy. And by stopping TRYING to make someone; your kids, your spouse, your boss or coworkers change or be like you, you will do just that. If you can say to yourself….” isn’t that interesting” when a stressful situation arises and keep your ego at bay….BREATHE…then you can begin to choose a less reactive response to all situations and feel calm and peaceful most of the time.

This doesn’t happen over night…but it will happen if you practice self awareness of your behaviour and are willing to humble yourself rather than having to be right.

Try this next time you feel yourself getting hot under the collar or wanting to control a  situation….

1. Breathe.

2. Don’t say anything for 30 seconds.

3. Ask yourself “what can I do to be kind in this moment”?

4. Then respond ( or not).

OR…just watch the Video again if you haven’t already so you can understand that even if that certain someone that you chose as your soul mate drives you crazy….you can rest easy knowing that is was not a mistake. …but a gift of  transformation for you and those you encounter every day.

Liked the video? What are your thoughts? Do you believe the people who test us the most could indeed be some kind of “soulmate?”


aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

How to ALLOW Abundance into your life now

So you have been studying the Laws of the Universe have you?

Especially the Law of Attraction  – LOA as most people refer to it. If you haven’t, that is okay too… I will give you a refresher.

LOA is a LAW...not something I have made up…it is a LAW of the universe that  just happens…and is happening all the time whether you believe it is or not. Just like the law of gravity…doesn’t matter if it is you or the Queen of England…if you step of a high building the LAW of gravity will bring you down.

So the LOA is happening every moment….. Now and now and now and now. It’s only has one job and that is to check and match your vibration. SO if you are grumpy …it is checking and matching and bringing you more of that scenario. If you are happy and positive ….it is checking and matching and bringing you more of that. The good news is that LOA had no memory banks and YOU get to change your vibration as many times as you change your mind to attract what you want. Do you want to know HOW to get more of what you want and less of what you don’t?  Keep reading!

This is my last abundance message until September for this year. In the summer I manifest, time with my children, playing in the summer sun all while working with my clients and if you would like to attract more abundance this year I suggest you email me or call me up and make that a priority.

I know you are saying… I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money AND you are right…what ever you say it true…because you believe it and until you decide to believe something different, you can read all the abundance blogs in the world…BUT still you will not attract what you want because of ONE thing…. You are NOT allowing it!

That does not mean you ramp up the affirmations, place more sticky note reminders around your house or hope and pray more than ever that you get what you want. You see doing these things just reinforces what is NOT happening and then you get more of that..WHAT is not happening!

There is an art to getting a positive match from the Universe and deliberately creating an abundant life. It is called ALLOWING.

1. First you need to know what it is you want…like going into  a restaurant, the waiter can not bring you want you want until you decide and ask. AND then what you want comes and you enjoy the result ( hunger satiated).

2. You need to give what you want attention, energy and focus. Stay in the vibration of WHAT you want and stay away from people, places and other situations that would bring your vibration (positive feeling) down and take away your focus of getting what you want.

3. The third step is to ALLOW it to come. What do I mean? Well if you have complete doubt ….absolutely NO Faith that what you want will come ..then remember what I said before? You are right…It won’t come and then you get to affirm, “See, this stuff doesn’t work”.

If you have never been able to get or achieve what it is that you do want then you might continue to believe that you can not. BUT you can begin to believe by affirming that you are now in the process of getting that which you want and you can get excited by that…then you can even look for social proof of others getting what you want and saying ” I’ll have what they are having”.

More good news is that you do not have to completely wipe out the doubt to deliberately create, you only have to reduce the doubt. The less doubt you have the faster what you want will appear.

That’s it…. Too simple? Then why are you not doing it already? Seems to me people just want to hang on to why they can not get what they want and then buy into, what they call, their reality they have created with all their doubts and complaining.

Remember LOA is working now and now and now …whether you like it or not… are the creator…why not learn to create what you really want deliberately?

A great how to book for making your WANTS into your REALITY is  HERE …grab it now and start living your most abundant life now.

How to apply the Law of Attraction so you get more of what you do want and less of what you don’t!

Your Abundant Life Guide ( AKA the “Busy Mom Mentor“)






~ What you DON’T want will bring you EVERYTHING you DO Want ~

Did you know that to get everything you want, the key is to know what you don’t want?

Ahhh…how can this be you maybe thinking?

Well it is simple and it IS the key to getting EVERYTHING you want.

I and many of my clients are living proof and when I found out HOW to do this one simple thing, every time I do it….. what I want rushes to me. It is like magic.

Now that  I have peaked your curiosity…….I won’t keep you waiting.

I use a process that I call “Clarity through Consciousness”. An elaborate name for a simple process.

What I have found is prevalent in the human condition is that we seem to know and focus on what we don’t want. When it comes to relationship, business/career, finances, love…..we have a laundry list of what we don’t want to have or have happen…. AND THIS IS EXCITING!

….and here’s why.

When you identify what it is that you DON’T want the exact opposite is the reveal. This now is what you DO WANT.

Whoo Hoo!!

Here is an example. Grab a piece of paper and draw a line vertically through the middle. On the left side at the top, label this column “WHAT I DON’T WANT”  on the right side column, name it “WHAT I DO WANT”.

Then pick a category, in your life, that you want to focus on manifesting a positive outcome…let’s stay a better job.

On the don’t want column you may write:

  • long work hours
  • low wages
  • cranky boss
  • negative co-workers
  • long commute
  • etc etc ….make the list of Don’t wants LONG

Then on the other side ( the  I do want column) write the opposite.

  • 7 hour work days
  • 25.00 per hour
  • an upbeat employer
  • team players
  • short commute from home
  • …and keep going till you get it all scripted out

THEN cross out the DON’T WANTS  and focus on the DO WANTS.

That’s it….but remember to spend time daily and envision the DO WANTS as being here now and how you feel about it. If you create it in your mind – you will see it in your world!!

ps…..this is how I found the love of my life….. and he jokes now and tells folks he is a product of a “list”… friend’s hubby is too, so we have lots of fun with that. This is the same process we used to find the house we live in now. This is powerful and it works.

Don’t take my word for it ….give it a try and then let me know exactly what an abundant life you are now creating!







pps…want MORE help creating an abundant Magical life…..Just use The Visible Blueprint …..7 Steps to More Time, Money and Love – Grab it now HERE

~ Don’t Stop – Success IS right around the Corner ~

“When you have worked hard, take the time to appreciate what you have done. Do not always look at the distance that you have yet to travel. ” Unknown

What happens when the enthusiasm dies off …… and you still do not see the results you were expecting? Maybe you are building a business…..spear heading a project or a committee and it seems that everything you had hoped for is NEVER going to be realized. This has most definitely got to be one of the  most annoying and frustrating things that can happen to even the best laid plans. You have been working at something for a long time, but NOW you realize there’s still a ways to go before you’re going to get where you ultimately want to be.

What if it has been months or years even and you are still trying to get things to fall into place exactly how you envisioned?

Maybe you’ve been:

Following step by step instructions to create an online business. Or

Plodding away for what feels like an eternity looking for that perfect job. Or,

While Working on that never ending project and every time you think you’re almost done, you find more and more things that still need to be completed. Or, 

Being very focused on creating big improvements in specific areas of  your life, but it feels like you are simply spinning your wheels.

It can be so discouraging to think that what once seemed easy to tackle, or a quick fix solution, has turned out to be a complete ball and chain with only an inkling of belief remaining that you can actually accomplish what you first set out to do.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel……

What I mean by that is you really only have two choices. One: Quit and start something else…completely understandable…renewed enthusiasm…renewed life …Woo hoo! or Two: Keep pushing through the funk and re-energize your vision of the end result and go for the success  you believe you will still achieve. ( a little prayer to the big guy or the universe for guidance wouldn’t hurt either – as long as you listen for the answer…that is).

It is very easy to quit …to give up…..but the reality is… you will just start again…something else and in time you will come to this place …this crossroad again. It is a personal milestone that every great achiever has had to cross. Pull up your boot straps…refocus and go again and again …for as long as it takes…until you are ready to RECEIVE success….. YES, it has to do with you being ready to receive it.  AND the road is the test…the teacher.

….And why  on earth would you want to quit anyways? You’ve come this far, You’ve invested so much time and effort. Quitting at this point would be absolutely crazy. But the reality is… it is here… this point ….where disbelief sets in …..where most people do quit. BUT that WON”T be you will it? …..It’s just not in your chemistry.


If you really want this , then you’ve got to re-commit and push through.The reality is you are much closer to the end than you realize. You just can’t see it is all. It is like that story that Jack Canfield told in the movie …”the Secret”  “If you are driving in the dark, from L.A. to New York… you can only see 200 feet in front of you…but if you keep going the next two hundred feet and the next…even though you can not see where you are going…. you will arrive at your destination….just keep going that next 200 feet”

Here is a great quote to hit home what I am trying to convey.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

What is most important is that you NOW tap into your belief that you will succeed. Don’t waste worrying about all you have left to do. Everything you have done so far has landed you here. NOW it’s time to build on all the progress you’ve made get to the finish line.

1. Re-Focus on what is already working! Challenge MISS Negative Nellie or Ned in your mind by remembering everything that is working and all the steps you have already taken.

2. Remind Yourself about your initial excitement. Remember WHY you started this project or down this path. Then remind yourself of what is waiting at the finish line and how great YOU will feel when you succeed. This is so important…in fact this must become a daily habit – 5 minutes of focusing on this feeling – at least 3 times a day. Get your body to feel this success and success will come and meet you where you stand because you will simply attract it!

3.Create a new plan.  Map out  from where you are now and 30 days out and then commit to doing something every single day to make this happen. The more frequent the steps you can take every single day, the sooner you WILL see and reach the finish line.

It is all up to you…no one else…another favourite saying of mine “the BUCK stops here”..WITH YOU!

Mona McClelland

Abundant Living Guide

aka the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Certified Life and Professional Health Coach

The Fitness Code

What is the Fitness Code?Well in honor of “March is Vibrant Mom Month”I thought I would summarize what equals a life lived in balance and harmony. I believe that everyone’s purpose here, living this life, is JOY. That’s it…. Living Joyfully is your purpose….good to know right?

And if you are not living in Joy…then you ARE out of alignment with your purpose and the pain you are feeling is simply your habitual resistance to change. Meaning you are holding ON to something ( a job, relationship, attitude, belief, habit) that does NOT serve you.

AND to make matters worse you are digging in your heels….banging your head against the wall…swimming against the current to HOLD on to this way of being…of living…for FEAR of not knowing what will happen if you let (it) go!

So what is the Fitness Code?

Keep Reading…….


I worked with this amazing coachonce that must have felt like banging his head against the wall with me…. I was in a very tough situation that I had to change to move forward in my life…..and week after week….. I kept telling him all the reasons that I could not. This lack of decision and action was hell for me…BUT I kept choosing to mull it over and over and talk about it over and over and still do nothing. Talk about a definition of insanity. (ever done this?)He told me something that made such a strong impact on me….that today I live by it and I base my decision on it.

I call this the  Fitness Code.….would you like to try it on for size? Lets get started!1. F stands for Fiscal Fitness….. if you can not move forward in your life because you feel TRAPPED by your bleak financial situation….you have to do something about it. Get your head out of the sand ….look at it and act.
I started using a method taught to millions by Harv Eker  and with a few tweaks of my own I call it “the Money Habit” …but know that FIRST if you are in a “debt” situation that you must take care of that first…. you can  not create wealth…while feeling burdened by debt…find someone to help you create a debt settlement or repayment program and then focus on creating a better fiscal future with the Money Habit. Listen to the Money Habit here

2. E stands for Emotional Fitness …..if you  are someone who feels emotionally defeated often….then you may have a little bit of work to do. There is a pattern or an underlying theme that makes you feel that you are responsible for the outcome of a situation ( or you are in menopause…lol…but really this can stir your life up dramatically). When you are emotionally challenged…..your self confidence is weak. You do not believe in yourself and it is hard to set goals and accomplish your desires. Join the “rubber band ” club. I did this to help my youngest daughter and along the way it helped me immensely. Put an elastic band on your arm and every time a situation comes up to challenge you emotionally..snap it and affirm something like ” I am ok…I am strong…I can feel it to heal it and then move on.” This is cognitive behaviour therapy at its simplest.Don’t knock it until you try it.

3. M stands for Mental Fitness ….. here is where you can really have some fun AND I could go on and on for pages about this…BUT simply put, YOU are in charge of your thoughts and what you feed yourself mentally. Do you want to know what you are thinking most of the time? Just look at your life…it will be a direct reflection of your thoughts. That can be a tough pill to swallow. Want more fun in your life…are you thinking ‘fun thoughts’? Want more love in your life…’ are you thinking and acting loving’? Want more money in your life…’are you thinking about all the debt you are in’?
I think you get the picture.  Here it is again in a nutshell. 1. Thoughts become feelings. 2. Feelings create your TYPE of action ( or inaction) 3. Action creates results. OR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.
Start paying full attention to your thoughts….PLAY with this and see what happens!

4. P stands for Physical Fitness ….. I think this one is quite obvious. If you are not moving your body….you will not feel energized. NO you do not have to go to the gym if you DISLIKE that sort of thing. But, the good  news is there are a TON of other things you can do. Can’t get out or have a physical limitation? Search YouTube….I used to spend tons of time and money going to Hot Yoga classes. Now my classes stream to me through the internet on my time and I spend the money doing other fun things. Check it out. Just type in whatever you like in the YouTube search bar and I guarantee something will come back that  you can do. Or just get outside for a walk every day.

5. S stands for Spiritual Fitness ….. In my humble opinion this rates right up there with Physical Fitness as a priority for wellness and  a vibrant life. If you do  not believe or wish to spend time in prayer  or meditation…find out what makes your heart sing and then spend time fully engrossed and focused on that.Personally, I love prayer and silence. In my prayer I do the blessing and inquiring and in silence I wait for the answers. This is when you hear your higher self, intuition or God speak to you. In this busy world don’t you deserve to find peace…peace on your terms? Give yourself this gift. Start with 5 minutes a day….ask a question and then just sit..stare out the window and breathe. The more you practice this …the more it WORKS.AND this is a valuable part of the “creating your life deliberately” puzzle.

Now for those of you who may be struggling with relationships …here is what was once told to me. ” Love = when to people resonate in harmony …mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually”. One caveat….. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANYONE ELSE….do this for yourself. Practice the your FITNESS CODE and see magic ..what/who aligns with you!

Commit to adding one component of the Fitness Code into your life daily and watch your life transform right before your very eyes.

…and how do we know the importance of this Mom?

….because “When Moms Happy..Everyone’s Happy”



Ps…… and if you need a little help go right now and grab something I have put together just for you…..cause MOM’s can use ALL the help and support they can get.  7 Secrets Every Mom Needs to Know to Instantly Eliminate Overwhelm, Stress & Burnout…. go now…grab it…. I am here to support you any way I can… because I have lived your life and I know HOW to help you change it for YOU and for the better!

~ Be Lazy and Create an Abundant Life ~

Your kidding right Mona?

I am guessing that this is the first thing that came to mind for you. And years ago I would have thought this too.

I remember saying once to my mom….”Please mom, let me learn the hard way…this is the only way I am going to learn is if I fail”.

Well I got it half right…..but if you have been studying Law of Attraction or just simply notice that when you are in a “good mood” how life just seems easier then keep reading….because I am going to explain to you HOW to create an abundant life ( more money, better relationships, more fun, more free time, wonderful job) by being lazy…..I am sure I have peeked your curiosity now……

So, my mom, like many parents always wanted to help me and “save me from what she thought was impending failure” from her perspective AND she used to say that to me. ” Mona, I just don’t want to see you fall flat on your face or get hurt”. I don’t know HOW many times I heard that…but I do remember the day I rebelled and told her to “LET ME FALL FLAT ON MY FACE”.

Well a couple things were at play here.

1. I heard over and over that she wanted to save me from FAILING…. so I heard…”failing” A LOT

2. I “CHOSE” failing so I could learn….and prove to her I guess that could do it on my own.

So first you need to know a little about neural pathways and how they are formed. Apparently when we are born we have NO neural pathways. They begin to form almost right away as we LEARN to get our needs met. We want attention to be fed or changed…we cry out and guess what? WE LEARN HOW to get those needs met, so over and over we do the same behaviour and VOILA we have created a neural pathway… ( fancy name for habit I think).

So you can see in the example with my mom that I heard this expectation of failure over and over….. Can you guess WHAT neural pathway was forming? YES, I created a belief in failing and did  a lot soooooo I could prove to my mom I was LEARNING myself without her help. OUCH! Wouldn’t it been a whole lot better to have someone create an expectation of success for  me? Well Yeah!

Then I made a subconscious choice to continue this failure mechanism so I could learn from it.  And to cement it I said ” Let me learn the hard way” Well the universe has to give you what you ask for ….as this is what Law of Attraction does.

Now, if you understand from my example HOW this works…then wouldn’t it make sense to create NEW beneficial neural pathways. AND these can not be created from physical efforting….but with your mind… your imagination and your feelings.

So in a way I am saying you could be lazy, sit on the couch and create the world you want ( money, love, fun, career) and this would be more powerful than TRYING HARD to make it so.

You may say to me….but Mona, I would have to do something. Yes you are right, you can not wish something into existence….but you CAN, create the blueprint in your mind, attach powerful emotion to it…..expect it and then as you are taking action ( not effort) watch as it begins to unfold in your life.

Rather than swimming upstream…..flow with the current of life and trust that ( as you have created new neural pathways, through habit and repetition) your life WILL unfold much easier than with constant force, effort and trial.

You do not have to believe this…..but I say to you…. if you feel worn out from TRYING to change your life….why not PLAY with this idea? Stay alert to the signs of what you want and at the very least start with being content with where you are….as even just with this… you will release your resistance and just like a dam….when you unstop it…the waters flow. Are you ready for your LIFE to flow….then let go. CREATE new Neural Pathways and watch as your life magically unfolds before your very eyes.

Give it a try….. you are worth it.

To Your Abundant Life,

Happy Creating

Mona McClelland

Your Abundant Life Guide

AKA the “Busy Mom Mentor”

Get Everything you Want ~ Do one thing

You know that saying….the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and trying to get a different result”? Ok….if you know it then why do you do it? There is another saying…. “we are creatures of habit”. I like a structured plan, routine and habit….makes my life efficient and organized so I can get more done. BUT let’s really look at the habit……What if you want more in your life….or something different. You say you have made some changes BUT your life is still THE SAME….you are in a rut and you still would like MORE…more money, more fun, more love…..and now you just feel resigned with your lot in life!

What if you could do just ONE thing that would make everything change and bring you exactly what you want? You can and I will tell you how…..

I think you  can agree that we live in somewhat of an instant gratification society these days. Long gone seems to be the days of saving and planning….however we still seem to carry with most of us ( my demographic anyways) this “you have to work hard for what you get” mentality. So we work hard, want things instantly and keep working hard without the anticipation of the delayed gratification (which along with that would go the feeling of pride for a job well done – whether from planning or saving). So here we find ourselves and are teaching the next generation to STAY on this hamster wheel…..with only fleeting moments of temporary happiness.

So what is this one thing I am talking about and how will it help YOU get everything you want?

Well, I will give you a clue and THEN I will tell you the answer.

The clue is that is has to do with “habit” as I mentioned before….and specifically WHAT kind of habit you are letting run your life.

And the next thing that I will tell you is…. that this “magical new habit” will NOT create more effort on your part……AND in there lies the key!  EFFORT.

The habit most of our society has is effort.  The physical effort that it takes to GET what you want is what you want to focus on (actually to let go of).

No, you are not going to sit on the couch and wait for everything you want to land on your doorstep…..BUT you are going to be paying close attention to what you are thinking and feeling.

Simply put:

WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT CREATES  HOW YOU FEEL AND HOW YOU FEEL BRINGS YOU WHAT YOU ARE GETTING….and HOW you go about getting it – or not ( read this last sentence again and again until you understand it).

Ex: If you want more  money and you think about your debt….what do you feel? Do you feel abundant? Do you feel wealthy?

Now you may say to me, Mona, HOW can I feel wealthy or abundant first when I am in debt? And I would say to you…..imagine HOW you would feel in this state…..regardless of current circumstances….then feel that way AND if you just cannot….then acknowledge your state…. ( getting the money does not make your life happy…getting happy attracts the money and so much more to your life!)

Ex: “I am in so much debt right now and I don’t know how I will ever get out of it…. BUT I know that somehow, someway I will find a way and I will be free of this burden and then I will start to expect more money to flow to me easily and I will get to do and have all the things I have always wanted to do and have. “

( when you read that last sentence – does it NOT feel better than ….I am in so much debt I will never get on top of it)?

You see this world or universe is designed to give you what you want. So YOUR ONLY  job is to measure your thoughts….change them …or if you can’t change them then acknowledge them and THEN change them to what you KNOW you want. Do this over and over and over and over with everything so you can change what you are putting out there…..and what you are getting back.

If you do not believe this works then prove it for yourself.

But first I must tell you one thing….the reason I know this is HOW  you get what you are thinking and feeling IS to look at your life now…look around you….everything has come to you.. “good OR bad” because of your THOUGHT HABIT!

IF you put forth half as much effort ( = resistance or trying, trying, trying hard) and spend more time in your new THOUGHT HABIT then you WILL have more opportunities to create what you want come to you and then the action you will take  to get it will be with great EASE. Rather like going WITH the current of the river rather than paddling against the current, which is what most do.

1. So try something different…to get a different result.

2. Cultivate the image of what you want in your mind first.

3. Spend copious amounts of time imagining and feeling this. (Remember the FEELING is what pulls what you want to you – right? You can see that is what is playing out in your life right now if you pay attention ( good or bad).

4. Don’t try to TEACH this to others…share it with them…then go back to creating for yourself….as you do this others will also begin to change around you.

5. EVERYTIME  you feel a negative emotion THIS IS A SIGN THAT YOU ARE OUT OF ALIGNMENT WITH WHAT YOU WANT. Aha…now if you are paying attention you can change your THOUGHT HABIT.

6. At the very least…just let go of the efforting…the swimming against the current. This in itself will begin to help you flow in the direction of deliberate creation.

Need more help understanding all of this.

Here is someone who is a constant teacher and mentor for me.

YOU are in charge of creating everything in your life……NOW you can deliberately create WHAT you want….( think it, feel it, live it!)



Your abundant life guide

(aka the “Busy Mom Mentor” )

How to get more money ( and anything else)

Well it is almost the end of January 2013….how are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

What never ceases to amaze me every year when people set NEW years goals is…… ONE: you set too many goals, get overwhelmed and quit while TRYING to implement everything on this laundry list or TWO: you set one or two very important, dear to your heart, am absolutely going to nail this year goals….and then you have NO CLUE how you are going to make it happen….do NOT create a plan…and all of your best intentions go to hell in a handbasket,  so to speak.

So this year you decide to get more money ( or make more money)…….

Well there are several sure- fired ways to make or acquire more money….and I have uploaded a video with a testimony to a tried and true method to create more of anything in your life. First here are a handful of ways  to get  more money this year…..

More Money for 2013:

1. Get a second job : Don’t stop reading…..I am not here to insult your  intelligence but to remind you of something that you are NOT DOING that is stopping you from having a more ABUNDANT LIFE. We can both agree a second job IS one way to get more money this year ( even if it is not HOW you want to do it).

2. Ask someone to give you money: Maybe you have a project or a passion to do something and someone out there who has more money than you WILL help you get what you want. Have you thought about that? Have you asked ANYONE?

3. Win Money: Self explanatory……( but know you limits).

4.  Money raising Websites:  Like ….a place where you can post your idea for raising money for personal reasons to “big” visions. There are all sorts of internet sites out there now that with a few clicks of your keyboard buttons, will in minutes have you out there….”with your hand out”!

5. Source out a reputable online business: What are you interested in? Maybe you are a health nut, or a exercise fanatic or a marketing guru. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online…you just have to do your homework and find the fit for you.

6.  Hire yourself out:  Okay…easy now. What I mean by that is there are several online freelance market places where you can outsource yourself. From ghost writing, IT work, article submitting, surveys. Just type something into google and see what you can find.

What do all of these things have in common in order for the  money to start flowing in?  YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. You have to take action. Everything you see around you …..a chair,  a table, a window, a radio …everything started as an idea in someone’s head and then had to be created….with action.

Many people these days talk about Law of Attraction and how this world will bring you something if you think about it and put enough attention, energy and focus on it. This is true…..if you want to think about how to get more money….you can  not spend all your time thinking about how little of it you have or HOW much debt you are in. Create the vision and the feelings of what you want and how you will feel when you get it ( live here in this new feeling )….then relax…expect it and then DO SOMETHING to get it. Your resistance WILL be what slows it down or stops it from coming to YOU.

I made this video in 2008….when I really NEEDED  something to happen. You can translate the message in this video to getting more money or anything else you desire this year. YOU are the variable. What are YOU going to mak ehappen in YOUR LIFE this year to make it a most abundant and rewarding year?


To YOUR Abundant life:

Mona McClelland

(aka “the Busy Mom Mentor“)

Certified Life & Professional Health Coach

Does your life need a Radical Adjustment?



Do you believe in the Economy of God?

This being the season of love and hope for so many AND for many a time of sadness and despair, I would like to remind you of the abundance in this world and with the following “reflection” help you see that there IS more than enough to go around…..and there is proof!

 …….Excerpts from a Reflection by Rev Gail Miller

Don’t you love that phrase?

“The economy of God.”

Maybe you didn’t know there was one?

We certainly all know about

the economy of capitalism

or the economy of socialism.

We know about bull markets and bear markets

and the laws of supply and demand.

But the economy of God?  What is that?


Any economy is a structure,

a set of rules about how goods and services

pass between people and groups of people.

Yes that is a very simple definition.

But I’m a theologian not an economist

and the definition will suffice for our purposes today.

The economy of God is all about abundance.

Every parable Jesus tells

Every miracle he performs

Every action he takes contains a message

about how God relates to us, loves us

in a way that is pure, uninhibited, wildly extravagant abundance.


Almost all spiritual paths agree that

abundance is created by giving never by hording

- a direct challenge to the idea

that you have to save money in order to have money.

The spiritual idea is that when you give

there is more of what you have given in the world

and in the sacred mystery of divine abundance

when there is more of anything in the world

there is more of it for everyone, including yourself.


Sounds good doesn’t it?

Do you believe it? 

It isn’t so difficult to believe

but it is very difficult to live.

It seems there is this little contradiction

between our faith and our experience,

between our belief and our practice.

Here’s the thing.

The economy of God is intelligible

only by the logic of faith.

But most of us have been indoctrinated

into the logic of the market place.

It is a system we accept and perpetuate.

These two forms of logic contradict one another.


Our world seems to operate on market logic

with the basic premise being

that there isn’t enough to go around.

You have to fight for what you get.

You have to be vigilant over what you have.

If you give something away,

be it money or love or anything else,

well, then you have less than what you started with

- which is counter intuitive

because the name of this market logic game

is to get more and more and more.

Market logic – far from perceiving abundance

it actually teaches us to perceive scarcity.

Be careful, you may not have enough . . .


It is hard to live the way of abundance

because we aren’t used to it, and we are suspicious of it

You know the argument

If there is so much abundance why are people

living under bridges and starving to death?

That we engage in and support and live within

political and financial systems

that see us spend billions of dollars on war,

destroy entire countries for oil resources,

and throw food away by the pound

to maintain the delicate balance

of supply and demand that fuels

our economic systems while half the world starves

. . . well if that is not an attitude of scarcity

I don’t know what is.

We believe there isn’t enough to go around,

that we will lose what we have in order to give to others.

And then we use that argument as proof

that abundance is false and scarcity is real.

It is a lovely system we have created for ourselves.

The logic of the market

-  it’s a dangerous group delusion. 


So how do you opt out of this delusion

and still live within its system?

How do you live with the logic of faith

and trust the economy of God?

I don’ t have that answer.

I only know this.

It comes down to who you want to be. 

It comes down to who you trust.

I value my financial advisor

but I trust Jesus Christ.


And in today’s scripture story

Jesus give us some his wisdom about giving.

The story unfolds in a series of three movements

beginning with a wide panoramic view

of the temple courts,

then moving into a mid range view of the scribes,

and finally closing into an intimate shot

to capture just one image – a widow

walking to the treasury with her coins.


In among the crowd are the scribes.

They are walking among the people

dressed in long, rich flowing robes.

They are symbols of power and authority.

You remember the scribes.

They are experts in the Torah, the law.

They assisted in the many legal

and social transactions

that took place between people

and they were ultimately responsible

to ensure that the law was practiced

in such a way as to take care of

the most vulnerable in society.


We already know that there is no love lost

between Jesus and the scribes.

On one of those days in the temple courts

Jesus said to his disciples

Do you see that?

Watch these displays

scribes who like to walk around

in their long flowing robes,

making their way through the crowds

seeking honor and praise.

Watch how they demand respect

and sit in the best seats in the synagogue

and hold places of honor at banquets.

Watch how they accept the honor

yet deny their responsibilities. 

Listen to how they claim to serve God,

yet have no compassion and take no responsibility

for those of low rank on the social scale.

In particular he mentions widows.

Beware the scribes who devour a widow’s house,

take every last penny from her

and then for the sake of appearance

lead long winded prayers

filled with holy words at the time of worship.

It is scathing critique.

Among the many in Jesus day

who belonged to the lower classes,

a widow in particular suffered a cruel existence.

Women in general did not have any wealth. 

Their only sustenance  came from their marriage.

A woman would be in her father’s care and protection

until such time as she married,

when she would have to rely on her husband.

But what happened when her husband died?

She could not inherit any wealth from him

- that would go to male heirs, brothers or sons.

Unless she remarried – which was rare,

or went to live with her parents – if they were still alive,

or with a son –  if she happened to have one,

her circumstances were very dire

- for she lost whatever wealth she had

Poverty was a common enough affliction for many

but a widow suffered in an entirely different way

because as a woman she would

not be able to work or earn money

for that was a male privilege.

She had absolutely no way

to earn her own money

or take care of her basic needs without assistance.

She could never get back on her feet by her own wits

no matter how smart, how able, how independent.

She could not help herself at all.

She was completely dependent

on the goodwill of others for whatever she had.

That the scribes would walk around in long robes,

seeking honor and privilege

while living off the backs of poor widows

was absolutely more than Jesus could stand,

and gives some context to his words.


It is with this understanding

that Mark sets up the next scene.

Jesus and the disciples sit down

and they watch the long lines of people

walking into the temple,

approaching the treasury

and making their offerings.

He sees many of the richest folks

dressed in fine linens pour bags of money

into the temple treasury . . .

coins glinting in the sunlight


Then Jesus sees her.

One who is burdened,

A woman . . . alone . . .  no fine linen on her.

Amid the ostentation of the scribes

and the overpowering glory of the temple

comes this one,  a poor widow.

She does not approach with a bag of money,

but scraping together any dignity she might have

she takes careful steps toward the treasury.

In her hands she holds two small, dull, copper coins

together worth barely a penny

she reaches out and drops them into the treasury.

It barely makes a sound.


Does anyone else even notice her?

Can anyone else even guess

at the level of her generosity? 

Or are their eyes blinded

by the worthlessness of her two coins?

But Jesus sees. He sees clearly

and he is deeply moved saying

“Truly I tell you, this poor widow

has put in more than all the others. 

For all of them have contributed

from their excess,

but she out of her poverty

has put in everything she had,

all she had to live on.” 

She gave it all.


Is it any wonder that Jesus is so moved?

This is the last of the temple controversies.

After this Jesus is arrested for sedition

and publicly executed on the cross.

The time is very near when Jesus will,

in an incredible and paradoxical display

of abundant love

give every thing he has.

He will give himself away.

He will give his life – not out of duty, or obligation,

but out of his deep love

and great passion for humanity.


Of all the giving in the temple that day

the widow with but two coins to her name

is the one to watch.

Her actions show that she understands

how giving is an act of heart not of material goods. 

From the depths of her being the words rise

I have nothing to speak of, nothing of earthly value

But even this little bit that I have

I give it all, every bit of me to this hope this belief

In God and what God can make possible.

It is stunning really, when you think about it.


The widow and Jesus will give different things.

One her last penny, the other his very life,

but both give from the same place


It can be difficult for us

- ones who have so much wealth

and a fair amount of privilege and power

to hear such a passage.

Is the widow an example we are asked to imitate?

Yes. But not in the way we think.

I don’t think Jesus encourages widows

to give away their last penny.

I don’t think Jesus asks us

to give away everything we have.


But he does ask us to watch and to notice

not what we give but how we give it.

Because something in how we give what we give

opens up the life that Jesus talks about.

If we want to experience the life that Jesus promises.

Watch, watch the widow.

See her and her gift and her mighty heart.

It is a glimpse of God’s economy. 


How is it that we give?

Which economy do we trust?

Which economy do we invest in?

The real question I hear Jesus asking:

How much of myself do I really give?

When I give of my time

or my money or my heart

am I doing it fully?

Am I giving my whole self,

or just the part that happens to be available?

Am I “all in” or hedging my bet or, worse yet, bluffing?

Do I give what happens to

fall off the side of my desk,

that which I didn’t really, really need anyway

or am I offering what is my best,

that which costs me, that which is most valuable and dear to me

that which really matters to me

be it money, or time, or energy, or love, or passion.

If I gave of myself this way,

the way the widow does,

what wisdom, what way, what gift, what door would open?

How would that life Jesus promised

live in me more fully and deeply?


The widow is an example to imitate

but we are not asked to imitate her poverty,

rather the depth of her heart

and the fullness with which she gives it.

A gift, Jesus says, far more valuable

than ten tons of gold let alone

two copper coins worth less than a penny.


Jesus watched the widow that day.

And he tells us to watch.

Watch what you give

when you are with a person you love.

Is there anything that you will not offer

to your partner, your child,

your parent where there is love,

trust and commitment between you?

Watch what you give when you are working

toward a goal that you love.

Is there any time or money or skill

that you hold back when your dream is within your grasp?

There is no calculation in in this kind of love. 

No estimate of income tax benefits to be gained.

No pride in giving large amounts of cash or time or skill.

When you are in love with God,

when you deeply trust that God is in love with you,

then it doesn’t matter if all you have to offer is two cents.

What matters is giving what you have to give

And doing it with the whole of yourself

Invested, available, willing, passionate

And giving to something beyond your own self,

Your own need you own life.

Watch that one, Jesus says,

Watch the one with the mighty heart.


We can choose to resist the logic of the market

that scares us into second guessing

the call to generosity.

We can choose to step more deeply

into the economy of God

and the blessings it brings.

Trusting the economy of God.

I tried that once, pushed on that promise

pushed on it hard enough to know

in my heart of hearts it is true

this whole divine economy of abundance.



A number of years ago

at a time of pretty big financial struggle for my family

I was trying to find a way to live another reality

I read Deepak Chopra’s book

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

There were seven laws of course

But the one that really caught my curiosity

Was this one.

Give something to everyone you meet. 

And this was the exercise that went with it.

Absolutely everyone you encounter

for one entire day

give them something,

give whatever you have to give, just GIVE.

Don’t fret, don’t calculate, don’t make judgments

about what you give or how much you give.

Just give whatever you can in the moment.

It might be money,

it might be a kind word, a good thought,

a prayer, a moment’s compassion – whatever.


So one day, this is what I did . . . and let me just admit

I was highly suspicious and doubtful

But I did it anyway.

I started the day with five DOLLARS

I kept giving them away

and at the end of the day I had six dollars!

I’d give away a DOLLAR,

then I’d find a DOLLAR on the sidewalk three blocks later.

I’d give a DOLLAR to a homeless person

then find a DOLLAR  in my car.

I gave a guy four DOLLARS to buy a parking ticket.

He found me in the movie theater later

and gave me a five dollar bill.

I was like “really . . . are you kidding me?”

I spent all day giving away what I had

and at the end of the day I had more

than what I had at the beginning of my giving.

It was ridiculous  . . .  and amazing.

So I know it’s true.

It was just one of those days

when you can’t argue.

I mean what are the chances that

would just be a coincidence.


I know it is true

but I struggle to find the courage to really live into it.

I mean I didn’t go out the next day and repeat

the same exercise using $100 bills.

But I kept giving every day

And here is what I learned.

I learned that five bucks given

might not result in five bucks received,

but five somethings would come my way.


I learned that in divine abundance

all things are not equal

but all things are in balance

and not everything we receive

can be converted to currency

but everything has its own unique richness.


The economy of God – isn’t an obvious economy. 

It is not like you give away $10,000

and the next day the express post

arrives from heaven with your original $10,000

plus divine interest.

If it was that way,

we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

It surely is a more subtle economy

with blessing arriving in all kinds of ways

- some very unexpected.

It is not the way of the world market

but it is the way of God.

The economy of God –

and a mighty heart

Now there is an equation that

can change the way we give

and change the way we live.

May it be so. Amen.


*Thanks to Rev. Ed Searcy for his reflections on this passage.

Mona McClelland

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